About Us

Insight Assessment Center (IAC) has seen the dynamic shift where organizations value the human resource competency development.  Nowadays, there are several new concepts and innovations to manage human capitals substantially in corporate environment.  As becoming more concerns, people desire more advancement in career and wish the success while also expect to hold self-identity in alignment with career nature.


IAC was established in responding to such a direction where professional organizations and people quest for innovative tools to help clarify, screen, distinguish and reflect person’s profile.  Such specific information significantly assists in human capitals management and team management to achieve performance efficiency until to true success.


IAC is a provider organization that provides service with assorted assessment tools which have been meticulously and systematically developed by adapting from various fields of psychological methodologies to suit with business usability.  This functioning service is for both business organizations and individual persons to advance personnel development, to manage human performance capitals, to give counseling, to recruit and select employees as well as to define career suitability.  These assessment tools can reflect person’s unique profile, social communication style, preferable role in expression and response to the environment, as well as motives. 


Vision:         IAC is a leading professional assessment tools provider helping organizations and people to meet the challenges in human capital management and personnel performance development.



-          To support and participate in developing and unleashing personals’ capabilities through the organizations,  

            managers, supervisors, trainers and the persons themselves.

-          To dedicated maintain reliability of our assessment tools.

-          To counsel and provide guideline of using various assessment tools to meet customers’ needs with their utmost


-          To continuously develop assessment tools from new upcoming knowledge.


Assessment tools suit:



=> The tools are good for persons who want to understand their behavioral profile and realize their strengths, weaknesses, desires, motives and aptitudes to further develop extended personal potentiality.  Tools also help to find out the individual’s unique identity that enhances career advancement, to assist in selecting career path, to apply and interview for a job and to efficiently working and coordinating with others.


Human Resource Department and Organization:

=> The tools are suitable for human resource departments and organizations which need the assessment tools to “recruit, retain and develop” right qualified employees that are important assets of the organization.  In addition, the assessment tools can be applied and extended further in human resource development programs, for instance, Talent Management Program, Individual Development Program (IDP), Succession Planning Program.


Consultants and Trainers:

=> The tools are suitable for consultants and trainers who require variety of assessment tools to supplement their consulting process or in training courses in order to adding values and increasing learning experiences to customers or trainees.  Tools can satisfy customers’ needs creatively and differently.


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