As globalization plays more important role, various business organizations can equally access new technology.  They all have similar know-how with almost equally good business network.  The thing that makes difference in such a globalized business world is “employee competence” in the organization.  We, Insight Assessment Center Assessment Center (IAC), have seen the significance of increasing employees’ competency.  Hence, we have designed the assorted assessment tools to advance personnel development, to manage human capitals performance, to give counseling, to recruit and select employees as well as to define career suitability by adapting the principle of various psychological methodologies that are extensive and reliable to develop our assessment tools.  The assessment results can clearly reflect person’s unique profile, social communication style, preferable role in expression and response to the environment, skills, aptitudes, likes and dislikes as well as the motives.  Such particular information is important aide in human capitals management and team management in organization.  It helps unleashing employees’ potential competence, increasing efficiency and value-adding in work performance.  Moreover, it can outstandingly support organization’s sustainable success.


There are 3 categories of assessment tools designed by IAC;

  • Development
  • Selection
  • Career





The organization that aims for advancement and long success must count on strong and effective teamwork.  This would take place when the organization pays importance to employees and have continuous efficient human resources development for the bright future of the organization itself and the employees.


IAC has introduced iDISC plus model to design the assessment tools for self-development, team development and various skill developments.  The IAC’s development tools emphasize on enhancing personal’s confidence in responding to the changes at work, the diversity of team members’ characteristics and society.  The tools enhance employees’ readiness to greater job responsibilities or to higher position for their career advancement.  In addition, the assessment tools can be applied and extended further in Talent Management Program, Individual Development Program (IDP), Succession Planning Program and to arrange the appropriate Career Path for the future.


Assessment tools under Development category consist of:


        Personality Insights-Classic

Personality Insights-Classic is the tool that helps identify behavioral expression in view of the strengths, weaknesses, advantages and guides for adjustment of each person within the applied psychology area.  Such information is useful in extending self-development.  Knowing oneself, both in positive and negative views, can broaden perspective in perceiving personality difference from diverse people, leading to the adjustment in interpersonal communication, socializing and more efficient group work with team members who have different opinions and expressions with better understanding.

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        Development Insights

Development Insights is the tool that helps in self-development in accordance with one’s individual profile.  It enhances the confidence in one’s strengths and encourages improving the weakness.  Moreover, the tool makes the person realize what is lacked or deficient for a particular work position.  The tool also gives personal guideline to the efficiency improvement and the limitation reduction.  The organization or manager can use this tool as the beginning to upraise employees to be Potentials Employees.  This tool also assists in each employee’s development directly to what the person particularly needs.

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        Personality Insights-Compact

Personality Insights-Compact is the tool that helps identify behavioral expression in view of the strengths, weaknesses, advantages and guides for adjustment of each person within the applied psychology area.  The information is arranged in concise and specific form which is suitable for counselors, coaches, trainers or persons who have basic understanding about DISC model.

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        Role/Behavior Analysis

Role/Behavior Analysis is a tool that analyzes congruity or estimates gap between the expected profile for a particular work role and the actual behavioral profile of the person or employee.  Seeing congruity or gap more clearly can help seeking for employees’ competency and possibilities to develop.  It helps the organization create employee’s career path for advancement, design training programs, unleash employee’s potentiality to match personal skills and behavioral profiles.  Also, employee can realize what to be expected and what the person lacks.  It would become the cooperation among employees and organization to establish personnel development and prepare employees’ readiness for greater work responsibilities or for the higher positions.

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        iDISC plus 360 Degree

iDISC plus 360 Degree is a tool to assess 360 degree feedback from numbers of assessors i.e. direct superior, higher superiors, colleagues inside and outside department, subordinates, internal customers, external customers and self-assessment.  Such an assessment is a kind of process; making the person to obtain self-information from all around directions.  This gives enough information for an employee to realize what behavior is strength and what is weakness needed for improvement.  Information from various sources enhances reliance and acceptance of the assessment result to feedback receiver in which can be used in designing training program and individual development plan (IDP).

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Selecting and recruiting personnel is an important mission of every professional organization as it is significant to organization growth and future.  Objective of personnel selection is to search for the person who has required profile and qualification for the particular positions and also for organization.  Therefore, the selecting and recruiting process should be well-organized with appropriate method.


IAC, therefore, has introduced iDISC plus model to design the assessment tools to help in selecting personnel to match the organization.  It also answers the concerning of compatibility between company or department culture and the candidate’s personal profile.  This helps increasing the possibility that the person can work for the organization with good development and can contribute the organization growth in long term.


Assessment tools under Selection category consist of:


        Selection Insights

Selection Insights is a tool that helps selecting and recruiting the right person for the department and organization.  Apart from knowledge, theory and specialized skill test, the assessment result from Selection Insights tool can efficiently screen the required persons, considering as potential candidates, out of the group applicants.  Besides, it helps design interview question guidance which suits for each candidate’s profile in order to clearly identify their attitudes, conceptual thoughts, values and view points towards society and environment while having interview. 

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        Personality Match

Personality Match is a tool that analyzes and benchmarks the required personal’s profile in particular job with the potential candidate’s profile.  The assessment reports the analytical output of congruity between the expected profile from organization and candidate’s profile, for instance, interpersonal style, communication style, coordination style, decision making style, preferable behavior in responding to society and environment and so on.  The information can be used as extensive supplement in considering and making selection decision. 

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        Aptitude Test

Aptitude Test is a tool which measure proficiency, aptitude and other abilities, such as, numeric skill, dimensional relations, observation, logic relations ad so on which are the reflection from learning experiences, past practical skills, ability in computing thought process in each knowledge area and ability to use logics in handling problems and figuring out the solution.  These are important qualifications needed for human resource values and for the organization success. 

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Saying that when a person has passion in career and the career is compatible with self- personality, it is considered as one of the “good luck”.  Actually, this can be determined by own under the condition that the person truly knows and understands self-identity which is an important part to make decision on choosing the career.  Understanding oneself, personality, likes, dislikes, and aptitudes make a person clearly know what to be wanted in life and what the person is searching for.


IAC has created the assessment tools for career choosing, career path finding and channel to grow in the organization that match with a person’s profile, likings and expertise.


Assessment tool under Career category consists of:


        Career Insights

Career Insights is a tool that assesses personal’s profile which helps search for personal likes and expertise from behavioral expression, communication style, as well as point of views towards interaction in society.  The tool analyzes by benchmarking the compatible profile to various sorts of careers in order to intensify the clarity in career choosing and in potential career growth.   Moreover, the assessment output helps to point out person’s outstanding profiles which can be used to drive career progress or be used to naturally present person’s unique identity.

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