Saying that when a person has passion in career and the career is compatible with self- personality, it is considered as one of the “good luck”.  Actually, this can be determined by own under the condition that the person truly knows and understands self-identity which is an important part to make decision on choosing the career.  Understanding oneself, personality, likes, dislikes, and aptitudes make a person clearly know what to be wanted in life and what the person is searching for.


IAC has created the assessment tools for career choosing, career path finding and channel to grow in the organization that match with a person’s profile, likings and expertise.


Assessment tool under Career category consists of:


        Career Insights

Career Insights is a tool that assesses personal’s profile which helps search for personal likes and expertise from behavioral expression, communication style, as well as point of views towards interaction in society.  The tool analyzes by benchmarking the compatible profile to various sorts of careers in order to intensify the clarity in career choosing and in potential career growth.   Moreover, the assessment output helps to point out person’s outstanding profiles which can be used to drive career progress or be used to naturally present person’s unique identity.

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